The Rienzi our Mississippi town was named after:

1313 - 1354
Roman Revolutionary

Cola di Rienzi made himself popular Tribune of Rome (1347)
after a revolt of a republican movement which unsuccessfully
tried to restore Roman greatness at a time of the city's decadence.
The Roman nobles rose against Rienzi, the Pope denounced him a
criminal and heretic and he was forced to resign.
Under a new Pope, Rienzi made a brief return to power
but was killed and burned after an uprising.

Of course, of course, there's Rienzi the Horse;
the horse the town was not named after.
This famous Morgan horse was named after the town. 
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Rienzi, the Opera

Music by Richard Wagner(1813 - 1883)
Text by the composer after Bulwer Lytton's novel of the same name
First performance October 20th, 1842 at the Hofoper, Dresden
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The ship 'Rienzi' Passenger List

Master's Name: John Stevens
Tons Register: 912 Total Passengers: 79 Port of Embarkation:
Dublin, Ireland.
Date of Embarkation: 17th April 1858
Where Bound: Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.
Date of Arrival: Melbourne, 17th July 1858  

Please visit "Rienzi's" site:
J Darla's Rienzi

Meet Rienzi, a 3 year old boxer owned by Dawn Ward. 
Dawn signed our guest book with the following message:
I have a Boxer named Rienzi!
My fiancÚ and I visited New Orleans in 1995 and
ate at a most fabulous restaurant called Rienzi. When
I was trying to name my puppy later that year,
I came across the match
box from the restaurant and it just clicked!
We call him Z!
Thanks for such a beautiful site!"


(Creole) (Cajun) ( French Quarter) 524-1479, 533 Toulouse.
This is a beautiful setting for a Cajun-Creole restaurant
with an Italian name.
Especially the courtyard setting.
This restaurant is no longer in business.

Going to Jerusalem?  Stop at the Rienzi Restaurant.


Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

Nathanial Potter Tallmadge
Governor of Wisconsin
Senator from New York
First to be buried in this Rienzi Cemetery

The Rienzi is a 55' Custom Chris Craft motor yacht.
This handsomely appointed yacht offers you a full salon,
large aft and fore decks, spacious fly bridge, sound system
plus full bar to provide gracious entertainment.
Cruise Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.
Choose from our suggested menu or our on board
chef will help you
customize your culinary delights.
The Rienzi is USCG certified for up to 47 passengers.


Sydney (NSW), Australia


Rienzi and Rienzi logo

Rienzi Brand
Distributed by

Rienzi & Sons

Astoria, N.Y. 11103



People Named Rienzi


Johnston, Rienzi Melville (1849-1926) 
Cousin of
Benjamin Edward Russell.
Born in Sandersville, Ga., September 9, 1849.
Served in the Confederate Army during
the Civil War;
U.S. Senator from Texas, 1913; member of Texas
state senate, 1916.
Died February 28, 1926. 
Interment at Glenwood Cemetery,
Houston, Tex

Rienzi Crusz:

Rienzi Parker: Adjunct Board Member of the Spectrum Singers

Army Lt. Gen. Thomas Rienzi, retired, found our little spot
on the W.W.W.
and signed our guest book,

               Date: 4/11/99

              Comments:  I enjoyed reading about my namesake.
                       Sincerely,    Tom Rienzi, Lt. General, USA Retired

Lt. Gen. Rienzi is mentioned at the web site below.

Regimental Division, 
Office Chief of Signal,
United States Army Signal Center, Fort Gordon, GA


Beth M. Rienzi, Associate Professor of Psychology
B.A., Psychology, California State College,

Bakersfield, 1974;
M. A.
Behavioral Sciences, California State College,
Bakersfield, 1978;
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology,
California School of Professio
nal Psychology,
Fresno, 1983.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999 
World: Americas

Paraguayan Supreme Court summons President

The Supreme Court in Paraguay has called on the public prosecutor's office to start legal action against President Raul Cubas for his refusal to jail the former army chief Lino Oviedo.

On Friday, President Cubas refused to order General Oviedo, a friend and close political ally, to begin a 10-year prison sentence for attempting a military coup in 1996.

The head of the Supreme Court, Wildo Rienzi, said that the President could be charged with contempt of court.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

From Our Guest Book

Name:  Sherri Rienzi-Bulkley
City_State:   Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: 5/17/99
V.P. with Bank of Hawaii, Trust Division.
Don't forget Rienzi Plantation outside of New Orleans!
What a fun idea!

From Our Guest Book

Name: Carmen de Rienzi 
Date: 5/18/99
City_State: Roma - Italy
Thank-you for contacting me.
My family, de Rienzi, originates from Parolise, a village in the hills near Napoli
where we still have a wonderful country house.
Cheers to everybody of Rienzi.
Carmen de Rienzi

From Our Guest Book

Name:   Nicol˛ F Rienzi
City_State: Milan, Italy
Date: 5/18/99
I fully appreciated your site!
On the occasion of my next trip to the US I'll do my best to come and see your town.

Name: Francis Joseph M. Rienzi
City_State:  Honolulu,  Hawaii
Join_Mailing_List: Yes
Date:   5/23/99


Happy to join the Rienzi family.

The freedom of Rome shall be the law which shall blind every Roman;
strictly punished violence and crime shall be and every criminal
shall be Rome's foe.  Let the gates of Rome be barred, as they now are, to the tyrant.
Welcome he that brings peace and swears
allegiance to the law.  May our rage strike the enemy,
the blasphemer's follower's shall be destroyed, so that the pilgrim shall be happy and free,
and the sheep peacefully follow the shepherd. 
So swear to protect the law, swear, free Romans, a sacred oath
Here, then is my final words!
As long as the seven hills of Rome are standing,
as long as the Eternal City does not perish,
you will see Rienzi return!
Cola di Rienzi